Light + Fit The Comeback

Last month I met three wonderful women for a Light + Fit® campaign shoot in partnership with Women Back to Work, focused on women who are returning to the workforce. I hope women feel empowered by this series and connected to others who are going through a similar experience.

No matter the reason why women take a break or step away from work, having programs or tools in place to support their re-entry is both helpful and important.

In an effort to support women re-entering the workforce, Light + Fit® is launching their first ever return-to-work program: The Comeback. This program is a real-world way to help bridge the gap that may exist for women and other job seekers who left or lost their jobs for a variety of reasons. I hope more companies will join Light + Fit® in supporting women and their endeavors both in and outside the workplace.

Learn more about this program and these women’s stories at

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